NITRO SIBIR has developed an original “NITRO SIBIR Software Package” for calculation of rational drilling and blasting parameters and evaluation of the results of multiple explosions. “NITRO SIBIR Software Package” is developed on the basis of many years’ experience in the field of industrial application of POLAR type emulsion explosives in various mining and geological conditions.



This software allows the user to:

• Define optimal parameters for drilling and blasting operations based on:
- physical and structural parameters of the blasted rock mass;
- relative performance of explosives taking into account their density, thermodynamic properties, energy losses during the expansion of the detonation products, blasting conditions;

• To process photography of the blasted block bead structure to clarify and account a degree of its blockiness and fracture category, as well as to carry out the photo - size distribution analysis of the blasted rock mass;

• To define change of the explosive density by the borehole height, taking into account an impact from a water backfill or other stemming;

• To evaluate the percentage of oversized yield and fragmentation at varying drilling and blasting parameters;

• To choose optimal parameters of the charge design for multicharge and decked charge of industrial explosives;

• To carry out an economic assessment of the cost of blasting and drilling operations, depending on the project for drilling and a large-scale blast.

Experience of using the “Software Package” for the various mining companies shows a high reliability of the forecast for the results of drilling and blasting operation, with correlation ratio between the estimated and actual performance is up to 0.95.