Achieving a maximum level of safety of the production and application processes of emulsion explosives is the first priority for NITRO SIBIR

We attach high importance to the issues of industrial safety both at the stage of design and construction and while operating the production facilities. The production facilities are designed and constructed with a strict compliance to the laws and regulations in the sphere of industrial safety.

NITRO SIBIR has established a system of technical measures:

1. Analyzing any potential impact on raw materials, semi-products and emulsion explosives at various stages of technological process of production and application of the explosives;

2. Identifying the test procedure for raw materials, semi-products and emulsion explosives, simulating various mechanical, thermal, or chemical effects, as well as accidental influences, which enables assessment of the degree of hazard associated with each technological operation in particular and with a specific technology as a whole;

3. Practical recommendations for the optimization of emulsion explosives formulations, processing conditions for manufacturing emulsion matrix and emulsion explosives, equipment design and engineering solutions, to enable the safe production and application of emulsion explosives.

Design features of the main equipment used by NITRO SIBIR for the module units manufacturing explosives eliminates the possibility of uncontrolled sensitization (explosion) of the emulsion explosive components.

The process of converting non-explosive components (the emulsion and gassing agent) into explosive product takes place directly in the blast hole. Thus, the whole technological chain of production of emulsion explosives, starting from delivery and preparation of the raw materials and ending with the transportation of the components from the module unit to the blast hole, excludes the presence of explosive substances and materials. This significantly raises the safety level of production, assigning it to the category of explosion safe production. This also excludes any possibility of stealing explosives and provides high anti-terrorist stability of the enterprises producing explosives.