High importance is attached to environmental issues related to the production and application of commercial explosives developed by NITRO SIBIR.

Sustainability of production and application of emulsion explosives is reflected in the fact that during production of emulsion explosives only substances with low-toxicity are used. Additionally, the substances released into the atmosphere during the explosion are low in toxins (20 - 30 times less toxic than released at blasting the explosives of other types), which considerably reduces the negative impact of blasting works on the environment.

The probability of occupational diseases seen in explosives handlers decreases considerably due to the fact that they do not contact with carcinogenic substances present in conventional explosives.

The facilities producing components for emulsion explosives are among the most environmentally friendly in terms of production.

The mixing principle of production provides a high degree of sustainability. Moreover, in the course of explosives production waste products are recycled within the technological process:

• dilute solutions of salts recovered during cleaning of the equipment are used for the preparation and correction of oxidizing solution;

• ammonium nitrate dust is collected by the dust collection system of the exhaust fan;

The dust collected in the filter or cyclone is used for the preparation of oxidizing solution.